PhD in Project Management – Alma Mater Europaea

Some of our readers may be interested in exploring existing postgraduate programmes of study in the fields relevant to OMEGA. We have decided to publish the prospectus of the Project Management PhD programme offered by Alma Mater Europaea.

Mega Transport Projects as
 ‘Organic’ Phenomena 

MTPs are ‘organic’ phenomena (rather than static engineering artefacts) that often need ‘time to breathe’. This time for reflection can present special opportunities that...   Read More

Mega Transport Projects as 
‘Open Systems’

Planning, appraisal and delivery agents need to recognise that MTPs are phenomena that require ‘open systems’ treatment in light of their complex and fluid...   Read More

Mega Transport Projects as 
‘Agents of Change’

There is a need for a change of mind-set concerning the way in which MTPs are positioned, framed and planned. The evidence collected from...   Read More

What constitutes a ‘successful’ MTP in light of the challenges presented by the 21st Century?

Mega Transport Projects1 across the globe have aroused controversy concerning their ability to deliver the infrastructure, services and associated development they promise. Over the...   Read More

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