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Based at the Bartlett School of Planning (BSP) at University College London (UCL), The OMEGA Centre for Mega Projects in Transport and Development comprises a small team of Research Fellows and Assistants supported by an international network of partner academics, researchers and professionals engaged in various aspects of the planning, appraisal and delivery of mega transport projects (MTPs) world-wide. These are land-based transport infrastructure projects (or rather programmes of projects) costing in excess of US$ 1 billion (at 1990 prices) frequently with political high profile and perceived as critical to the success of major urban, metropolitan, regional and/or national and trans-national development.

The Centre was set-up with funding from the Volvo Research & Education Foundations (VREF) in 2005 and has since focused especially on the challenges of megaprojects and associated urban and regional development investments with a view to systematically examining how ‘fit for purpose’ they are in face of challenges of the 21st century. The overriding mission of the Centre is to help establish generically what determines the ‘success’ of such projects, especially in terms of how resilient they are in addressing the complexities, uncertainties, risks and opportunities of decision-making they encounter both within projects and external to them in the environments that provide their decision-making contexts.

On the premise that mega infrastructure projects in general, and MTPs in particular, share certain common features and challenges that differentiate them considerably from other small infrastructure projects, the Centre has embarked on a lesson-learning and lesson sharing exercise, trawled from the stakeholder evidence provided by the portfolio of the Centre’s research and advisory studies. Drawing from this material, the Centre staff, its research partners and associates look to offer guidance that beneficially informs future mega infrastructure project development practices and investments, particularly projects deemed agents of change and sustainable development. This is done not only by currently making available on a selective basis to interested bona fide international researchers various OMEGA Centre Working Papers, Research and Consultancy Reports, Conference Papers and Lecture Presentations via this website but also on the basis of a forthcoming book publication programme 2016 onwards – The Routldge-OMEGA Book series on Mega Infrastructure Projects.

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