The OMEGA 1 Project

An Interdisciplinary Study of the Treatment of Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Decision Making for the Planning & Appraisal of Major Projects

The OMEGA 2 Project

Mega projects and mega risks: Lessons for Decision-makers through a Comparative Analysis of Selected Large-scale Transport Infrastructure Projects in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific

 The OMEGA 3 Project

Study of Incorporation of Social and Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Development in the Appraisal of Major Infrastructure Projects. 

 The OMEGA 4 Project

Curriculum Design and Development Study of the UCL MSc Programme in Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery (MIPAD) of the Bartlett School of Planning

The OMEGA 5 & 6 Project

Curriculum Design and Development Study of Executive Short Programmes

The OMEGA 7 Project

Investigation into Development of Framework for Identification and Appraisal of Infrastructure Interdependencies with Application to Critical UK Infrastructure.

The OMEGA 9 Project

Preparation of Guidelines for the Operationalization of Policy-Led Multi-Criteria Analysis (PLMCA) for the appraisal of mega transport projects

The OMEGA 10 Project

The Development of a Policy-Led Multi-Criteria Analysis (PLMCA) framework and attendant processes to facilitate more holistic and transparent approaches to the planning and appraisal of mega infrastructure gateway projects in major European seaport cities

The OMEGA 11 Project

Preparation Study of OMEGA Handbook on Decision-Making for the Planning and Appraisal of Mega Transport Projects with Supporting Social Media Networks