The Contemporary Treatment of Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Decision-Making in Selected Disciplines

Working Paper #2 | The OMEGA 1 Project

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Richard S. Oades and Harry T. Dimitriou, University College London

Chapter 2: Strategy: Military planning under conditions of uncertainty, complexity and risk

John Stone, Kings College London

Chapter 3: Earthquake engineering and seismic risk

Tiziana Rossetto, University College London

Chapter 4: Treatment of risk, uncertainty and complexity in project finance: A banker’s pespective

Mark Lemmon, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation

Chapter 5: Complexity, Uncertainty and Risk-taking in General Insurance and the Role of the Actuary

Lis Gibson, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Chapter 6: Agricultural Pests and Diseases: Complexity, uncertainty and risk

John Mumford, Imperial College

Chapter 7: Scientific Uncertainty and Complexity in Public Health

Carlos Dora and Carolyn Vickers, World Health Organisation and Katherine Walker, International Risk Governance Council

Chapter 8: On the Complexity of Organizational Trust: A multi-level co-evolutionary perspective and guidelines for future research

Steve Currall, University College London and Andrew Inkpen, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Chapter 9: A new kind of competence: On avoiding mistakes in large organizations

Oliver Sparrow, The Challenge Network

Chapter 10: Naturalising knowledge management

David Snowden, Cognitive Edge Pty

Chapter 11: Treatment of Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Decision-making in Various Disciplines and Professions: A synthesis

Harry T. Dimitriou and Richard Oades, University College London