OMEGA Seminar Series

The OMEGA Centre Seminar Series was launched in January 2009 to focus on topics related to the planning, appraisal and evaluation of mega transport projects and their impacts on development. The event allows the OMEGA Centre to present findings for both recently completed and ongoing research projects, and to engage with a wider audience both from academic and industrial sectors.

The Centre has undertaken a wide range of research on several pressing issues related to “The treatment of Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity”, “The Importance of Context” and “Sustainability” for the study of mega projects in transport and development. The seminar series invites a number of speakers who are involved in a variety of aspects of transport projects of this kind in order to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Programmes of these seminars comprise contributions from the OMEGA Centre and external speakers including journalists, bureaucrats, planners, industry leaders, and academics. The OMEGA seminar series is open to everyone who is interested in these issues, especially those associated with major transport project development. The seminars are recorded and where permission allows they are published on the OMEGA Website.

By drawing on experts from many disciplines, we can stimulate debate and further discussions on certain crucial topics, such as transport infrastructure investment, challenges of sustainability, and financing mechanisms within the global market. The OMEGA Seminar Series can illuminate emerging issues surrounding the major transport projects and foster the generation of ideas on tackling problems, threats and risks in contemporary and future environments.