Omega Seminar Series 2012


Major infrastructure developments in a globalised economy – it’s strategic role in the national, regional and urban development of Australia

Professor Sonja Lyneham, University of New South Wales, Australia

18th January 2012

What constitutes a ‘successful’ mega urban transport project?: OMEGA study findings of 30 international case studies

Professor Harry T. Dimitriou, Phil G.Wright and Dr. E. John Ward, UCL, UK

1st February 2012

Strategic challenges to UK’s infrastructure development in a time of austerity

Professor Brian Collins, UCL

29th February 2012

Strategic water, utility and transport infrastructure panning for the Auckland metropolitan region

Dr. Jim Bentley, University of Auckland, New Zealand

14th March 2012

Mega urban transport and sustainability challenges: a selected review of international project developments

Professor Nick Tyler, UCL

9th May 2012

EIB funding for urban development and the challenge of appraising mega projects

Brian Field, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

30th May 2012

Mega urban transport projects and land-value capture: a ‘solution’ to infrastructure funding and investment in the UK

Dr. Tony Vickers, Professional Land Reform Group, UK

10th October 2012

Bridging The Gap Between Actual And Theoretical Energy Use

Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, UCL

31st October 2012


Major nuclear energy projects: a comparative study of planning and appraisal investment strategies in France and the UK

Nigel Knee, Head of Nuclear Policy, Nuclear New Build, EDF Energy

14th November 2012