European Investment Bank

The OMEGA 12 & 13 Project

Development of MCA Methodology for European Investment Bank. Multi-Criteria Analysis Methodology for Project Appraisal in the Regional and Urban Development Division of EIB

This project commenced with a Scoping Study in 2012/13 and comprised the design and development of a bespoke, multi-criteria appraisal (MCA) methodology so as to enable the Regional and Urban Development Division (REGU) of the EIB to deliver robust appraisals of the loan proposals with which it has to deal. The project involved understanding previous approaches to appraisal and developing and road-testing an appropriate and user-friendly policy-led MCA methodology. The methodology developed by the OMEGA Centre enables REGU to appraise project proposals encompassing the many different loan types used by the Bank in multiple locations inside and outside the EU. The policy-led approach adopted enables quantitative and qualitative appraisal data to be considered simultaneously in an holistic and transparent manner. The project was completed in June 2015.

Project Director

Prof. Harry T. Dimitriou

Project Manager

Philip G. Wright

Project Consultants

Philip G. Wright

Dr. E. John Ward

Assistant Project Consultant

Dr. Marco Dean

Project funder

Regional and Urban Development Division, European Investment Bank