The Global Infrastructure Gap, Political Risks & Public-Private Partnership Responses: An Examination of 21st Century Challenges for Megaprojects

Prof Harry T. Dimitriou delivered a talk at the Hong Kong Society of Transport Studies, The Mira Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 8th-10th December 2018. The talk focused on the 21st century challenges for megaprojects and discussed the global infrastructure gap, political risks and public-private partnership responses. The abstract of the presented research is below. Additional details can be requested by contacting Prof  Dimitriou.

Abstract: A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) publication indicated the current “infrastructure investment gap” in emerging and developing economies is estimated between US$1-1.2 trillion and was described as “way beyond the capacity of governments, aid agencies and multi national development banks (MDBs) to deliver”. Added to which in the post-industrialized economies of Europe and North America, currently seen to be experiencing somewhat of an economic downturn since 2007/08, governments have been increasingly criticised for failing to adequately and consistently invest in infrastructure for the last 50 years or so with the result that many of the leading economies now look to new investments in major infrastructure projects. With climate change and natural disasters, plus post conflict retrofitting needs, this infrastructure investment gap estimate is likely to be much greater.

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