One Day Seminar on Risk, Complexity and Uncertainty

A one day conference on ‘Planning and Decision-making amidst Complexity, Risk and Uncertainty‘ was held at the RIBA, London. Dr. John Stone from Kings College London, Prof. John Mumford from Imperial College and John Adams from UCL gave talks on the treatment of Complexity, Risk and Uncertainty in planning from their respective fields.

Risk, Complexity and Uncertainty are the focus of the Centre’s VREF Smaller Project (OMEGA Project #1) started in January 2006 and completed in June 2008: There is a tendency for MUTPs to be the subject of numerous project management studies of risk analysis that focus on engineering, economic and financial aspects of project development. Our study contends that MUTPs typically fail to take into adequate account the systemic ramifications of complex interactions of uncertainties one upon another, and on the regions, environments and societies they are intended to serve.

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