OMEGA Workshop #2, Naples, Italy

By omega centre on Jul 09 in News, Workshops.

The 2nd of OMEGA’s international Workshops was held in July 2007 at the University of Naples in Italy. Colleagues from the OMEGA Centre in London and from the Centre’s International Partners presented their drafts of Working Papers #1 and #2 on: ‘National Policy, Planning and Funding Backgrounds to MUTPs’ and on selected themes under the generic title of ‘MUTP Sustainable Development Challenges’.

The purpose of Working Paper #1 Series is for each Partner to provide a country-based historical and contemporary overview of the main policy, planning and funding frameworks that have driven and determined the planning and delivery of MUTPs since World War II. The intention is to ultimately compare and contrast developments/ outcomes across the ten OMEGA Network countries, and to arrive at on the basis of this generic and context-specific observations and lessons.

The purpose of the Working Paper #2 Series is for each Partner to provide an insight into a selected international key challenge (or cluster of challenges) that MUTPs inevitably encounter when pursuing goals of sustainable development. These are challenges derived from OMEGA Centre staff previous research, pre-selected by Partners on the basis of their existing knowledge/ research capital. It is anticipated that preparation of these Working Papers will greatly assist the comparative study of MUTPs undertaken by the CoE and its Partners in the synthesis stage of the overall study.

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