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Project: Jubilee Line Extension

Completion: September 17, 1999

Location: Southeast England

One of 30 case studies by the Omega Centre

Jubilee Line Extension


An extension to the London Underground Jubilee Line, from Westminster in central London to Stratford in East London, the 16km JLE is one of the world's most expensive projects. Delays and cost overruns marked its progress, from the collapse of its initial backer, Olympia & York, in 1992 to the high wages demanded by electricians to complete it in time for the 1999/2000 Millennium Celebrations. Although associated with major development and regeneration initiatives at Westminster, Southwark, North Greenwich and Stratford (now the site of the 2012 Olympic Games and served by the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, its history is most closely linked to that of the new financial centre at Canary Wharf.

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