Presentation of the Final Report at the EIB Headquarters in Luxembourg

The Ph.D Candidate and Research Assistant at the OMEGA Centre, Marco Dean has recently presented the main findings of his Study of the Possible Application of a Policy-Led Multi-Criteria Analysis (PLMCA) to the Appraisal of Major Gateway Seaport Projects. This 12-month Study was funded by the European Investment Bank Institute (EIB) under the STAREBEI (STAges de REcherche BEI- EIB research internships) Programme and was undertaken under the joint supervision of Professor Harry T. Dimitriou of the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UCL), and Dr. Josè Doramas Jorge Calderon (EIB) of the Projects Directorate of the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Study was aimed at developing a Policy-Led Multi-Criteria Analysis framework and attendant processes to facilitate more holistic and transparent approaches to the planning and appraisal of mega infrastructure projects in major European seaport cities. The presentation was held on Wednesday, June 3 at the EIB headquarters in Luxembourg.

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