OMEGA Centre is Featuring on “Bartlett 100” Centenary Celebration Website

Measuring the success of Mega Infrastructure is the name of the article posted on Bartlett 100, the website developed for a year-long celebration of Bartlett’s anniversary. Read the full article to appreciate the breadth and importance of the work  conducted by the centre. The article include direct quotes from the Director of the OMEGA Centre, Professor Harry Dimitriou, who has been questioning the orthodox mantra of mega infrastructure projects since the 1990s.

The article celebrates a number of OMEGA’s achievements, including the new Mega Infrastructure & Sustainable Development journal, the annual Seminar Series and some of the key contributions of the centre through numerous research and consultancy projects.

Since 2005, the OMEGA Centre at The Bartlett School of Planning has been pioneering ways to appraise and evaluate critical mega infrastructure in the face of 21st century challenges.


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