Learning Across Megaprojects:Planning and Delivering Energy Infrastructure

Dr. Giorgio Locatelli – Learning Across Megaprojects: Planning and Delivering Energy Infrastructure

Megaprojects are historically associated with poor delivery, both in terms of schedule and cost performance. Empirical research is required to determine which characteristics of megaprojects affect schedule and cost performance. Dr Locatelli will presents a systematic, empirically based methodology to identify the characteristics of power plant megaprojects (PPMs) that correlate with schedule and cost performance. The speech provides two major original contributions. First, it present and apply a systematic, empirical and statistical approach to understanding PPMs planning and construction. Second, it show how this approach can be used to inform public policy and project management for megaprojects in general. Lastly Dr Locatelli will expand the view to discuss “Project success” i.e. the long-term merit of building megaprojects.

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Wed 8 February 2017

17:30 – 19:00 GMT

Central House (UCL) – Room LG01
14 Upper Woburn Pl

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