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Project: Jubilee Line Extension

Completion: September 17, 1999

Location: Southeast England

One of 30 case studies by the Omega Centre

Philip Wright

Contact Detail


Room 429b, 4th Floor
Bartlett School of Planning
University College London
Wates House
22 Gordon Street
London WC1H OQB
United Kingdom


(Direct) ++ 44 (0)20 7679 4877


(Office) ++ 44 (0)20 7679 7502


(Office) philip.wright@ucl.ac.uk


Phil Wright has been a professional town planner since 1975, working in a variety of environments in the UK and overseas - for local and national governments, urban regeneration agencies and as a consultant. During this period he has maintained a key focus on strategic planning and policy analysis/formulation. Phil has been a member of the RTPI since 1977.

Career highlights include

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